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Download Game of Thrones Season 1 Episode #7

Download Game of Thrones Season 1 Episode #7

Download Game of Thrones Season 1 Episode 7 - You Win or You Die
At his family's war camp, Lord Tywin Lannister butchers a stag and discusses their house's situation with his son Jaime Lannister, who reads Lord Ned Stark's order for Tywin to appear at court. The patriarch reprimands his son for attacking Ned in the streets and explains how important it is to free Tyrion from the Eyrie: `Every day that he remains a prisoner, the less our name commands respect'.

Game of Thrones Season 1 Episode 7 Trailer

TV-MA | 58min | Action, Adventure, Drama | Episode aired 29 May 2011 
Daniel Minahan
George R. R. Martin, David Benioff, D. B. Weiss, Vanessa Taylor, Bryan Cogman, Jane Espenson, Dave Hill
Sean Bean     ...     Eddard 'Ned' Stark
Mark Addy     ...     Robert Baratheon
Nikolaj Coster-Waldau     ...     Jaime Lannister
Michelle Fairley     ...     Catelyn Stark
Lena Headey     ...     Cersei Lannister
Emilia Clarke     ...     Daenerys Targaryen
Iain Glen     ...     Jorah Mormont
Harry Lloyd     ...     Viserys Targaryen
Kit Harington     ...     Jon Snow
Sophie Turner     ...     Sansa Stark
Maisie Williams     ...     Arya Stark
Richard Madden     ...     Robb Stark
Alfie Allen     ...     Theon Greyjoy
Isaac Hempstead Wright     ...     Bran Stark
Jack Gleeson     ...     Joffrey Baratheon
Rory McCann     ...     Sandor 'The Hound' Clegane
Peter Dinklage     ...     Tyrion Lannister
Donald Sumpter     ...     Maester Luwin
Conleth Hill     ...     Lord Varys
James Cosmo     ...     Jeor Mormont
Owen Teale     ...     Alliser Thorne

Game of Thrones Season 1 Episode 7 Synopsis

Tywin and Jaime Lannister are inside a tent in the Lannister army encampment. As Tywin butchers a deer, Jamie reads the summons that calls for the Lannisters' henchman, Gregor Clegane ("The Mountain"), to be returned to King's Landing and brought to justice. Tywin tells Jamie that attacking Ned had been stupid, but he then asks why Ned is still alive. Jaime replies that it wouldn't have been "clean." His father asks if it bothers him when people call him "Kingslayer." He tells Jaime he shouldn't worry so much over what people say about him.

Tywin is giving Jamie 30,000 men -- half his forces -- to go to Catelyn Stark's home and get Tyrion back. It's bad for appearances for Tyrion to be held, he explains; all that matters is preserving the Lannister family name. He then gives Jamie the standard "it's time you made something of yourself, son" speech.

At King's Landing, Cersei visits Ned. He cuts right to the chase, telling her that he knows the secret that got Jon Arryn killed. Ned notices a bruise she received when Robert struck her, and she says that her brother would have killed Robert if he'd been there. "Your brother," Ned asks, "or your lover?"

He guesses that Bran saw them together. Cersei doesn't deny it. She admits that all her children are Jamie's and says that, as twins, she and Jaime belong together. She tells Ned that Robert loves Ned's dead sister Lyanna more than he ever loved her.

Ned tells her to take her children and leave with as many men as she can, because Robert will come after her once he tells him her secret.

She mocks him for not claiming the throne when he could. He says it wasn't a mistake, but she says that it was. "When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die -- there is no middle ground," she says.

In his brothel, Petyr gets irritated by Ros from Winterfell moaning too much in pleasure. He gives hooker lessons, but doesn't join in because he says he's saving himself for another. He tells a story about a woman with impeccable bloodline and how she told him all her secrets. He wanted to marry her, but she was pledged to another. He challenged the other to a duel, expecting to win as it happens in the storybooks, but was soundly defeated. He ended up with a scar, and the man was killed in battle before he could marry the woman.

From that experience he learned never to fight, but to "f---" people instead.

Theon visits the wildling (Osha) who Robb let live after she attacked Bran. He tells her he's from the Iron Islands and then lectures her on calling him by his title. But she points out he's not a lord yet if his dad is still alive. He calls her "impudent" and then approaches her, almost propositioning her and asking if she wants to be free of her chain.

Maester Luwin interrupts, telling him to treat her as a guest. She's not fazed by Theon. She tells Luwin she was trying to get south "before the long night comes." She tells him about things that sleep in the day and hunt at night. He thinks they've been gone for thousands of years, but she says they were only asleep and aren't anymore.

From the wall, Jon Snow sees a rider approaching alone. Then he sees there's no rider, only a horse - his uncle Benjen's horse.

Robert returns from his hunt, mortally wounded by a boar. Ned arrives at the king's bedchamber to find Joffrey at his bedside and Cersei watching over them.

Ned examines the wound to his belly, which Robert says "stinks like death." Robert wants his funeral feast to be huge and the boar that gored him to be served.

Robert sends everyone out, including Cersei. He dictates an order to Ned, commanding him to serve as "Lord Regent and Protector of the Realm" to serve until Joffrey comes of age. Robert says "son Joffrey" and Ned writes "rightful heir." Robert signs.

Robert tells Ned he was right and to let Daenerys live if it's not too late. He asks Ned to help make his son better than him. "I'll do everything I can to honor your memory," Ned says. Robert laughs that King Robert Baratheon will be remembered for having been "murdered by a pig." He asks Ned to get something for his pain and to let him die.

Selmy blames himself for the King's accident, and is deeply upset by his failure to protect him, Ned tells him they couldn't protect Robert from himself. Varys asks who gave Robert the wine. It was his squire, Lancel Lannister. Ned tells Varys to call things off with Daenerys. Varys says it's probably too late.

Daenerys braids her husband's hair and tries to convince him to cross the ocean. She teaches him the word "throne." He answers that a warrior doesn't need a throne, only a horse.

Out in the Dorthraki camp, Daenerys asks Jorah if there's a way to change Khal Drogo's mind. He leaves her to see if there are any letters for him.

A young boy gives him a message from the Spider -- it's a royal pardon. Jorah can go home.

Daenerys talks to a wine seller, who hears her speaking the common tongue. He tosses out the wine he was about to give her, and instead gives her an entire cask. He tells her there are many in her homeland who hope she'll return. Jorah steps in and demands the vendor serve the wine. He resists, but Jorah takes a glass. Rather than drink it himself, he insists the vendor try it. The vendor raises the cup, then drops it and runs. Daenerys's men catch him while Jorah escorts Daenerys away.

At the Wall, Jon Snow listens glumly through the ceremony making him a man of the Night's Watch. He only wants to go look for his uncle. He listens to the reminder that the penalty for desertion is death. He volunteers to go outside the wall and pay tribute to the Old Gods, north of the wall, Sam volunteers to go with him.

They read the assignments and Jon is assigned to the stewards, not the rangers. The head guard who has tormented him smirks at him.

Jon is assigned to Lord Commander Mormont at the request of the Lord. He'll fetch his food, change his sheets and fill his bath. Sam tries to convince Jon that being around the big boss will mean he's in the loop. He thinks that means Jon is being groomed for command.

Robert's brother Renly asks for a minute with Ned and tries to plan how to keep the throne from Joffrey and Cersei. He doesn't think his brother Stannis is fit to be king, either. He suggests he is. But Ned refuses to go along. Instead he sends a letter to be delivered personally to Stannis.

Petyr visits Ned, who explains that because Robert had no natural born sons, it passes to Lord Stannis. Petyr suggests he could instead help Joffrey to succeed and make peace with the Lannisters. He suggests if Joffrey doesn't work out, they can remove him and install Renly.

Ned thinks that would be treason. He's going with Stannis.

Ned's worried about having enough men to enforce his decisions. Petyr explains that the gold cloak guards will follow the man who pays them.

Jon Snow and Sam head beyond the wall with four other men. They take their vows at an old tree with a face in it that looks like it's crying blood.

They're sharing congratulations when Jon's direwolf brings something from the woods: a severed hand.

Daenerys is somewhat surprised Robert is still coming after her. Jorah explains that as the last Targaryen, Robert will always come for her.

The traitorous wine vendor is tied up, awaiting his fate.

Khal Drogo comes to his wife to make sure she's alright. He offers Jorah any horse he wants, and he promises his unborn son that he will secure him the throne, and the seven kingdoms. He gives a speech announcing his intent to go to war as Daenerys looks on, full of pride and lust.

On the road the next day, Daenerys leaves the Dothraki city with Khal Drogo, Jorah, and a large entourage, making their way to the sea. The would-be assassin wine vendor trails behind the Khaleesi on foot, naked and tied to her horse.

Ned gets word that Robert has died. Petyr tells him everything is arranged, and Varys says Lord Renly left in the night with Ser Lorras.

Ned meets with the gold cloaks. Their commander Slynt says that he's behind Ned.

Ned walks into the throne room to find Joffrey on the throne, having taken over as king. Joffrey demands fealty from the council and orders Ned to make arrangements for his coronation immediately. Ned presents Ser Barristan Selmy with Robert's final sealed decree, naming Ned protector of the realm. Cersei asks to see it. She rips it up saying, "This is your shield? A piece of paper?" Selmy protests, offended. Cersei tells Ned to bow and they'll let him live.

Ned says Joffrey has no claim to the throne. Cersei commands Barristan Selmy and the Kingsguard to attack, but he hesitates. Ned commands his men with the backing of the city watch to put Cersei under guard. Ned says he doesn't want anyone to get hurt.

Someone cries "now!" and Ned can only watch as his men are attacked by the city watch and the queen's men. They're outnumbered and surprised. Ned ends up with a knife to his throat -- it's Petyr.

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